Bridging the Gap

A Collaborative Effort to Support Midwifery and the Environment in Malawi

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, cross-sectoral collaborations are becoming essential to address complex global challenges. One such partnership is emerging between us, Larissa.Health, an organization dedicated to improving the environment for midwifery, and WeCleanWeGreen, a Malawi-based initiative focused on eliminating plastic waste, re-greening the natural landscape, and providing humanitarian aid to local families. This collaboration exemplifies how diverse organizations can come together to make a meaningful impact in various sectors.


WeCleanWeGreen, led by its founder Pike Ng'oma, has been working tirelessly to clean up Malawi's environment and support families in need. Recognizing the synergies between their mission and the goals of Larissa.Health, the two groups decided to collaborate. Larissa.Health offered a donation to cover the fees for forming a company, while Pike provided valuable contacts to midwives in Malawi.



Mother and child with Pike Ng'oma - Founder of WeCleanWeGreen


To maintain compliance for Larissa.Health as a German-based organization, Pike signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to assure that the funds provided would solely be used for the formation process of We Clean We Green to cherish their values and foster transparency for donation processes. After the successful completion of the signing process, 100 USD in ADA (equivalent to 260 ADA) was transferred by Larissa.Health to the individual $WeCleanWeGreen donation wallet.

Upon our recommendation, the donation wallet is now using an NFT from $adahandle, a digital identity service for decentralized wallets built on the Cardano blockchain. The handle serves as a unique identifier where donors can send ADA without having to deal with the complex wallet addresses Crypto brings into play. Using the handle for transparency should help to support the initiative's growth and promote awareness.


In an effort to maintain transparency and keep all connecting parties (Larissa.Health, WeCleanWeGreenEuropean Cardano CommunityCardano for Climate, Web3 User Group) informed, the progress of the collaboration was regularly shared with everyone involved.


Eight out of ten invited midwives completed a survey on Larissa.Health's website, and they were then encouraged to get in touch with Larissa.Health to participate in video interviews. For the first batch of video interviews, Larissa.Health also sent a small token of appreciation in ADA (Cardano cryptocurrency) to each midwife's individual wallet following their participation in the video interviews.

While the number of participants is a comparably small, the engagement rate was relatively high, and Larissa.Health feels they learned a lot from those in-depth interviews. They also appreciated the openness of the midwives very much. Looking forward, they strive for further collaboration on their mission to help unlock the full potential of midwifery.


The last step includes creating supportive tutorials and this article which highlights the donation and the supportive collaboration, which will serve as a testament to the positive impact that can be achieved when organizations join forces for the greater good.


In a world facing numerous challenges, it is crucial to recognize the power of collaboration in driving change.

The partnership between Larissa.Health and WeCleanWeGreen demonstrates that, by combining resources and expertise, diverse groups can make a lasting impact on the lives of individuals and the environment.



This experience inspires us to engage even more in similar cross-sectoral collaborations, ultimately contributing to a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

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