Bremer IT's Role in the EU's Digital Identity Initiative

June 2023, Bremen - Digital identity has evolved to be a cornerstone in the modern internet landscape, driving both economic and social interactions.

In early June, the German Federal Ministry of the Interior and for Homeland (BMI) presented a discussion paper on constructing a digital identity infrastructure for Germany. This move aligns with the broader European objective, notably illustrated by the eIDAS (Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services) regulation established by the European Union. eIDAS seeks to ensure cross-border recognition of electronic identification and establish a standard framework for electronic trust services, promoting a unified, secure digital space for businesses, citizens, and public authorities in the EU.

In response to BMI's discussion paper, Bremen's IT company, Governikus, has submitted a position paper that underscores the advantages and potential of a state-backed digital identity.

Image by Daria Nepriakhina

Since its inception, Governikus has been an advocate for transparency, personal data protection, and informational self-determination. Having developed a nation-wide eID server on behalf of the federal and state governments, and the AusweisApp2 commissioned by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), the company clearly recognizes the strengths of Germany's eID infrastructure, an integral part of the eIDAS ecosystem.

Hartje Bruns, Director Products for Secure Identities at Governikus, expressed his enthusiasm for the BMI's open public discourse invitation on the wallet concept. "We see immense potential in an eIDAS revision to enhance the existing eID system, providing a Europe-wide foundation for secure digital transformation." said Bruns.

The call by the BMI is not just a mere request for opinion. Instead, it signals a shift towards an open, participatory design process, inviting stakeholders from various domains, including data protection, IT security, civil rights, open source, and many others, to co-create the digital future of identity in Europe.

Governikus, with its rich history in contributing to successful open-source administrative projects, aims to be at the forefront of these developments. Given their expertise in areas like Online-ID function, eIDAS, SDG implementation, the Once-Only Principle, and numerous other EU projects, Governikus is well-positioned to make meaningful contributions.

With the public announcement of evaluated position papers scheduled for 14th July 2023, and subsequent workshops involving stakeholder representatives set to conclude by 30th November 2023, the next steps in this digital identity journey are anticipated with great interest.

One of the pivotal benefits of a state-issued electronic ID, as emphasized by Governikus, lies in the non-profit nature of state operations, which allows the design of such systems to prioritize data protection and security uncompromisingly. This perspective aligns with the broader EU vision encapsulated in the eIDAS regulation, aiming to fortify trust in electronic transactions across member states.

As digital identities become ever more crucial in our interconnected world, the collaborative efforts between state and private entities, as demonstrated by Governikus and the BMI, play a pivotal role. The promise of a unified, secure digital space where businesses, citizens, and public entities can interact seamlessly and securely underpins Europe's digital future.

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